Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tips for Meeting Deadlines!

Setting your own deadline
Be realistic! Give yourself extra time and try to allow time for someone to help proof read your work before it has to be handed in. If you miss a study session try and integrate it later in the week rather than skip the topic. 
Teacher Tip: Break tasks down into sections: 
MUST: work that must be completed by all.
SHOULD:work that you should complete if you have time.
COULD:  work that you could complete if you have time. 

This takes the pressure off students who work at slower speeds than others in the class. An example of a Y5 planning document to demonstrate this strategy is shown below. Double click on the image to enlarge.

Breaking tasks down
Think of a large task in small chunks rather than approaching it as a whole. It is less overwhelming and you can start at any point rather than getting stuck at the first hurdle.
Teacher Tip: Prioritise tasks for the children - a great tip from Learning Support Teacher at Muritai School New Zealand - Sarah Richardson.

Always have four different coloured highlighter pens to hand. When a child who really struggles to follow instructions has information on a worksheet blocked out with different colours it becomes so much clearer.


PINK means - first

GREEN means - next

YELLOW means - then

BLUE means - last

You can also use post-it notes of the above colours with the words first,next, then and last on them, use them on your white board to identify the steps needed to complete a task.

Give yourself a break
It feels counter productive but you will work much better if you include rest and relaxation into your schedule. Especially during revision times, be sure to get enough sleep.

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