Sunday, 1 May 2011

More Memory Tips!

Webs of 7
People often try and remember long lists of information but capacity is limited. Researchers have found that individuals are capable of remembering 7 items (plus or minus 2; dyslexics may prefer using 5). For therefore it is better to organise information into chunks of seven. These seven items can have seven subgroups and so on. This compartmentalizes the information into memorisable chunks. 

Some tie a piece of string around their finger, others pin things to the fridge. You just need the trigger to help you to remember something, to prompt your memory for the rest of the information.  


Visualise a place you know well (eg. your kitchen), assign a piece of information to each piece of furniture or appliance. Some people actually put post-its around their kitchen. Then to recall the information take a virtual walk around your kitchen to remember the information.

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