Sunday, 1 May 2011

Organisation Tips!


Nowadays people have calendars on their phones, PC’s and I-pods. Whether you choose to have your diary make sure you only have one for all the important information and then back it up! It’s no use having 3 different diaries all with different information. 

To do lists
It can be easy to forget a task if you are busy. Keep a small note pad on your desk or a list in your diary so nothing gets forgotten. It also gives a real feeling of satisfaction to cross tasks off; and yes the first on the list can be  - ‘make a to do list !’

Plan your time! Schedules are invaluable for revision and more. It is worth designating an hour of each week to plan your schedule properly. It may feel like a waste of time when you are busy but you will make back the time through being well organised later.

If you get into a routine it limits the amount of time you need to think actively about what is happening. Things link to one another more easily if you do them the same way (or in the same order) each time.  

Arriving on time                                                                    
If you have an important meeting, be sure you know how long it will take you to get there. A dry run might be a good idea.                                 

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