Friday, 26 October 2012

Changing the background colour on your PC

Why not try it out for yourself by following these simple steps:
1. Select the 'Start' button which is located at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
2. When the menu appears select 'Settings' then 'Control Panel and click the 'Display Properties' icon.
3. The next stage is to select the 'Appearance' tab and then the 'Advanced' button as indicated by the red outlines.

4. You should now be in 'Advanced Appearance.
5. Click the in area where you can see the words 'Window Text'. This activates the 'Window Text' item.
6. Just to the right hand side of the 'Window Text' item you will see an option to choose a different 'Colour'.
7. Select the drop down menu and choose a colour that best suits your needs. Finally, select 'Okay' then 'Apply' and 'Okay' when the previous display box appears until you return to the 'Control Panel'. Select 'File' and 'Close' to return to the desktop.


It is also possible to use a dedicated program that will manage the colour settings of our desktop and applications through one easy-to-use window.
ReadAble saves multiple profiles allowing different colour settings for different activities and/or users.
ReadAble changes all Windows colours including the Window background colour, default text colour, the menu background and text colour and the toolbars. It can also override web page background and font colours.

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